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Disclaimer Regarding Internet Sales Of Our Products

We sell our products only to our authorized dealers. Our authorized dealers conduct business in their brick and mortar retail store locations. They have substantial investments in their property, fixtures and equipment, and they spend money on things like qualified employees with experience in the business, insurance, advertising and building their reputations for integrity and good will. Some of them also have Internet sites.

If you purchase our products from an Internet only retailer, that retailer is probably not in your community and probably has no investment in their reputation among their neighbors. They customarily do not have stores or experienced professional employees to provide fit and finish, tailoring and garment preparation. They may or may not have insurance. You can frequently buy for less from an Internet only retailer, but the risks are much higher that you will not receive what you buy or that it may be defective in any number of ways. If you have trouble with size, fit, delivery, alterations, repairs, not getting the right gown or dress, you will not have immediate access to a local business with a reputation to protect. We are not responsible for any such bad results. You may have no actual business firm from whom to obtain satisfaction. You will certainly not get a refund from them and may have simply wasted what money you spent.

Our authorized dealers are listed on our web site. Find a retailer near you.