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You will receive an 8.5" by 11" PANTONE WEDDING swatch card divided into 14 chips and printed with edge-to-edge color on the front and the Dessy color name and PANTONE WEDDING color reference number on the back.
View a sample chip.

Perfect Wedding Colors!


Here's the easy way to share your wedding colors! Pantone color swatch cards make it easy to communicate your exact wedding color choices to your vendors. Each card is divided into 14 chips of the chosen color which can be provided to anyone with color related tasks, such as invitations, cake decoration, flowers and more.

Pantone, the world-renowned color authority, has been providing graphic designers with a standard language for color for over 45 years. Their color matching system enables color ideas to be shared with great precision. Pantone's system has spread to other color-centric professions such as interior design, architecture and fashion. Now, Pantone has partnered with The Dessy Group to make the precision of Pantone's color matching available to brides planning their wedding colors.

Don't miss the newest addition to our PANTONE WEDDING planning tools: PANTONE color fan guide, a portable fan deck of all 194 colors for spring 2010.

Swatch Colors Available: viewing - persian plum

Price: $7.00


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