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Destination Wedding Dresses For Fairy Tale Weddings

A wedding dress is the embodiment of all the excitement, possibility and promise your new love holds. As such, the destination wedding dress is the most singularly romantic, daring and adventurous purchase a bride can make. Investing in a destination wedding dress means dressing for the unexpected, gilding yourself in a gown that will stand up to what ever foreign magic awaits.

It can't be just any old dress; the destination wedding dress has to be the gown that truly transforms you, transcending you from American beauty to exotic Caribbean princess, from domestic newlywed to honeymooning lovebird, from girl to woman and from single to oh-so-married. Needless to say, not just any dress stands up to such a challenge.

Before you choose your very own dream destination wedding dress, it may be helpful to hear a little background about destination wedding dresses and the logic behind these magical gowns.

Once upon a time, a bunch of would-be brides sat around contemplating the unfortunate prevalence of cookie-cutter weddings. Frustrated over guest lists, confounded by identical churches, and dreaming of that elusive "original" wedding, they imagined exotic nuptials in a far away land with welcoming natives, unique local traditions, and just a smattering of their very closest friends.

Not longer after, the famous Sandals destination wedding resort was born in the Caribbean and the brides' fairytale wedding dreams were close to coming true. But no fairytale is complete without the perfect ball dress. Enter the brides' fairy godfather, Sandals VP John Lynch. Saddened by the sight of brides encumbered in their heavy finery on the hot Caribbean beach, he couldn't help but wonder if there weren't a better alternative to tulle ball gowns and long gloves. He began to search for a wedding dress alternative, a dress that would retain a sense of elegance and splendor without all the restrictive fabric and weight. It was at this moment that the seed for the destination wedding dress began to percolate.

With a variety of gorgeous, airy, ethereal gowns - courtesy of designer Vivian Diamond- the Sandals destination wedding dress collection was complete.

Sandals Director of Wedding Strategy Joanne Delgin describes these destination wedding dresses as "island elegant-chic-stylish-and fresh…what today's destination brides are seeking." Indeed, the destination wedding gowns are carefree and spontaneous, with just the right amount of special detailing to make them feel beautifully bridal. From jeweled brooches to lace-up backs, elegance and effortlessness are the defining duet of destination wedding dresses. Lightweight fabrics like silk and charmeuse are easy to travel with and look playful and ravishing amid island breezes and leaping waves.

Needless to say, destination wedding dresses are truly the stuff dreams are made of. Only these startlingly special dresses have what it takes to transform an average wedding into a stunning fairy-tale affair. Your dream dress awaits you.